Cabinet™ Stainless Steel Screw


  •  Built In Washer Head
  •  No Pre-Drilling Unless Material Requires
  •  Interior/Exterior Use
  •  Fin Threads

          - Mounting Cabinets
          - Cabinet Construction
          - Vinyl Siding


PHEINOX™ Stainless Steel Screws (305 stainless steel grade) are another first from GRK Fasteners. PHEINOX™ Screws provide a reasonably priced alternative when only stainless steel will do.

Our special composition of PHEIONX™ stainless steel is one of a kind. It is hardened and rust free and is of the quality you come to expect from GRK products. All of our stainless steel products come with a limited lifetime warranty against staining and rusting.

GRK Cabinet™ screws were designed specifically for uses in cabinet construction and installation. At this time, PHEINOX™ Cabinet™ screws are only available in 8x1"1/4 (4.0x30 mm). GRK's Climatek™ Cabinet™ screws are available in a wider range of sizes. These screws are thin enough to prevent most material splitting, while still providing sufficient strength to guarantee a secure installation.

The Cabinet™ screw washer head design presses flush against any cabinet surface. Builders have also discovered new uses for this screw. In some cases, short Cabinet™ screws have been used in vinyl siding installation.

Cabinet™ screws are self-tapping, with a W-Cut™ thread design and ZipTip™.

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