Caliburn™ Concrete Screw

Heavy Duty Concrete and Masonry


  - Recessed Star Drive: Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact

  - Aggressive Heavy duty threads lock into concrete and can be removed and reinserted with screw damage

  - Countersinking Bugle Head locks wood to concrete for complete installation and effective anchoring

  - Caliburn™ PH pan head, which is ideal for an exposed finished look including installation of electrical boxes

  - Caliburn™ XL washer head design for superior holding power. The Caliburn™ XL is code approved under ICC report ESR-3251

  - Climatek™ Coating is AC257 code approved for use in treated lumber

  - Ideal for use in anchoring to concrete or wood to concrete applications including basement framing and sheds.


Caliburn™ Concrete screws are professionally engineered fasteners with a patented thread design for ease of driving the screw in pre-drilled concrete and similar applications.

Available in three different head designs for multiple applications.  Caliburn, Caliburn PH and Caliburn XL are Climatek Coated for high corrosion resistance.

Caliburn's uncompromised drraw and pull-out strength make it possible to be used in jobs which previously required an anchor.  The screw's aggressive thread design afford it the ability to be removed and reinserted into the same pilot hole numerous times-- without the concern of the fastener breaking or the threads wearing.



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