Caliburn™ PH Screw

Concrete Pan Head Screw

   - For Concrete & Masonry Applications
   - Available in Bugle, Pan & Washer Head
   - An Anchoring System In Itself
   - Professionally Engineered
   - Can Be Removed & Reinserted Into Same Pilot Hole Numerous Times


   Caliburn™ PH concrete screws are professionally engineered fasteners for concrete and similar applications to resist static, wind and seismic, tension and shear loads in cracked and uncracked normal-weight concrete and sand-lightweight concrete. Anchors may only be used for redundant applications, where multiple anchors support linear elements (e.g. ductwork) when designed. The aggressive thread pattern creates a track that burrows into concrete and is designed for trapping excessive concrete dust thus keeping the threads sharp.  They feature a patented thread design for ease of driving the screw.  The Caliburn™ PH concrete is Climatek™ coated for high corrosion resistance.The Caliburn™ PH concrete Pan Head screw is ideal for electrical and plumbing applications.


- Star Drive Recess

- Complete and Effective Installation

- Case Hardened Steel


To Use:

Pre-drill pilot hole with 3/16" Concrete Drill Bit.

Clear concrete dust from hole.

Drive the screw with GRK #30 bit.

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