Deck Harness






This product is an alternative hold-down device made to meet the prescribed requirements under the International Residential Code ® (2012 IRC®), for projects where decks are supported by an adjacent structure and require a positive attachment to resist lateral loads. The IRC® is calling for hold-down devices with a minimum allowable stress design capacity of 1,500 pounds to be installed on at least two locations per deck.  The deck harness may be used in this critical connection to satisfy the provision of the IRC ® and AF&PA Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide (DCA 6) as evaluated under ICC –ESR # 3224.


The Deck Harness is a device that consists of a steel chain linked assembly with a thermoplastic plug in the center. The plug is installed through the house deck ledger/rim board. One end of the deck harness is attached to the primary structure floor joist with U-bolt and washer plate and the other end is attached to the deck joist with same U-bolt and washer plate. The device will inhibit a deck from collapsing due to ledger board failure.




ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-3224