KAMELEON™ Composite Deck Screw


  • Composite Deck Screw
  • No Pre-Drilling Unless Material Requires
  • Available In Different Colors
  • Fiber Trapping Rings
  • Countersinking Head


 GRK’s Kameleon™ Screws are an excellent choice for composite decking applications and are available in many colors that match today's most popular composite decking styles and colors.

The under head has saw-blade like cutting teeth that cut a perfectly clean hole
into the decking.

The Kameleon™ also features five rings that have three indented fiber
traps on each ring designed to trap fibers and eliminate a mushroom effect.
The CEE thread feature enlarges the screw hole allowing the wood to settle
easily and increasing the screw’s drawing strength. This reduces the friction
on the screw shank which results in lowering the driving torque.

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