RSS™ LPS Panel Fastener

For Structural Imsulated Panel Systems


- Specifically Designed for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

- No Pre-Drilling (Unless Material Requires)

- Lag Screw Alternative

- Built In Washer Head

- Interior / Exterior Use
      - Ledger Boards
      - Retaining Walls
      - Log & Timber Framing


     This sophisticated member of the RSS™ family features an extremely strong, low profile washer head with a reinforced shoulder that provides superior 'hold-down' pressure to structural insulated panels.  Made from case hardened steel and coated with Climatek™,  the LPS will not corrode in ACQ lumber.

   The patented W-Cut™ slices a groove for the next thread, reducing tension and pressure on the fastener.  Pre-drilling is not required with the RSS™, thanks to the trusty Zip-Tip™ and the 3 inches of very sharp, deep rolled threads. 



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