RSS™ LTF Timber Frame Fastener


  • Interior / Exterior Use

         - Ledger Board
         - Retaining Walls
         - Log & Timber Framing

  • No Pre-Drilling Unless Material Requires
  • Lag Screw Alternative
  • Built In Washer Head
  • CEE Thread Enlarges Hole for Improved Drawing Strength


Patented washer type head, with a reinforced shouder underneath, produces extreme pressure pulling the log down, eliminating the need to add a washer as required for common lag screws. Head can be countersunk 1"-3" without pre-drilling a countersink hole. Case hardened steel Climatek™ coating, ACQ Approved. Lifetime limited warranty.

Exclusive "CEE" thread slightly enlarges hole for screw shank and allows log to settle without restriction. Eliminates pre-drilling as required for the common lag screw. Complete and effective installation in one operation.  The 4 inches of deep rolled threads are very sharp, as they provide extreme pulling and withdrawal power.  Patented W-Cut™ Slices a groove for next thread, reducing tension and pressure on fastener, providing ease of installation and the  Zip-Tip™ is excellent for quick and easy starting.

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