RT Composite™ Exterior Trim Screws

Reverse Thread Design Prevents Mushrooming


   Recessed Star Drive:  Zero Stripping, with 6 points of contact

   Trim Head: for a clean finished look

   W-Cut™: Low torque, smoother drive

   Zip-Tip™: No pre-drilling, faster penetration


   GRK has modified its innovative FIN/Trim™ Head screw to include reverse threading under the head of the fastener.  This technology makes the RT Composite Trim Screw ideal for use in composite and cellular PVC trim.

   Based on extensive tests, GRK has found that the reverse thread helps the screw head disappear beneath the surface of the classic wood composite material,  reducing or eliminating the dimple that sometimes appears when using the FIN/Trim™ screw.


The reverse thread feature is available in RT Composite™ screws from 2" to 3-1/8" in length in both regular Climatek™ coating and in white powder coated
finish to blend in with popular white exterior composite and cellular PVC trim.







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