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CLIMATEKcoated screws have been independently tested and approved for use in pressure treated.  Our fasteners come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  For details see  For the most corrosion resistance use PHEINOX stainless steel screws by GRK.


Always build your project according to current ICC (International Code Council) specifications.  GRK’s Climatekcoating meets or exceeds standards, including AC257, for use in various types of preservatives.  Please view ICC Report # ESR-2442, ICC Report # ESR-3201 and ICC Report # ESR-3251.  Click here or go to the Code Approvals page for the most current technical data.


No pre-drilling for most GRK products, except where building material limitations require.  Always place deck boards with outer edge of growth rings facing up (bark side up).  Do not use deck cleaners which contain bleach with coated metals.  Consult supplier’s/manufacturer’s recommendations.  Decking screws should be countersunk 1/8”.


GRK recommends the use of its PHEINOX™ stainless steel fasteners in tropical wood,
 cedar wood, pool, sauna and sea-side applications, as well as deck applications
 in areas with large daily temperature variances.

R4™ Multi Purpose Screw:  Multi-use screw for particle board, sheet metal, cement fiber board, laminate and wood decking.   Comes in a variety of sizes.  The R4™ is self-tapping with a countersinking head, patented head & thread, no pre-drilling, no stripped heads and exclusive CEE Thread (lessens torque and friction).  For pressure treated lumber, cedar & redwood use #9 or #10 gauge on deck boards. For Southern Yellow Pine use #10. For tech info see ICC Report ESR-3201.  For use in all applications including pressure treated lumber.  Some sizes come in PHEINOX™ stainless steel.



RSS ™ Structural Screw:  Ideal for anywhere you would use a traditional lag screw and more but no pre-drilling required.  Available in a variety of sizes.  The RSS™ has sharp threads & points, built-in washer, CEE thread, W-Cut™.  RSS family of fasteners are approved by the ICC for structural integrity and coating in ICC Report ESR-2442.  For use in all applications including pressure treated lumber. 

  • RSS™ JTS Joist & Truss Fastener:  Used for joists and trusses.
  • RSS™ LPS Panel Fastener:  For Structural Insulated Panel Systems.
  • RSS™ LTF Timber Frame Fastener:  Designed specifically for the Log Home & Timber frame market.


TRIM™ Head Screws:  Features the smallest screw head available on the market today.  These self-tapping screws are for all trim applications, no pre-drilling, have strong heads & starhead recess. For use in all applications including pressure treated lumber and for best performance use PHEINOX™ stainless steel.

FIN/Trim™:  Finish carpentry screw.

RT Composite™:  Use in classic composite decking.  The reverse threads reduce “mushrooming”.

TRIM™ Head Screws are also available in White for synthetic trim boards.  For tech info see ICC Report ESR-3201.

Kameleon™ Composite Screw:  Use in plastic or composite decking.  The Kameleon™ comes in multiple colors to blend with boards and various lengths.  The Kameleon™ has fiber trapping rings, CEE thread, is self-tapping and Climatek™ coated.  For tech info see ICC Report ESR-3201.

Cabinet™ Screw:  Used for cabinet and in some cases vinyl siding installation.
The Cabinet™ screw is self-tapping with a built in washer head, W-Cut™ thread design that cuts through material while reducing torque, Zip-Tip™ for easy starts, and is Climatek™ coated.

PAN Head Screw:  Self-tapping screws for use in electrical applications, sheet metal, plastic, particle-board,wood and also for pocket holes.  For use in all applications including pressure treated lumber.  Some sizes come in PHEINOX™ stainless steel.



Top Star™ Shim Screw:  Use for installation of wooden window and door frames, insulation and paneling, built-in wall units and cabinets.  No hassles, reduces labor and eliminates shimming.  To be used with GRK’s Crown/Bit.

Vinyl Window™ Screw:  An adjustable self-tapping screw for vinyl window installation. Eliminates shimming. Precise leveling abilities and is also available in Drill Tip

Caliburn™ Screw:  Concrete flat head screw.

Caliburn™ PH Screw:  Concrete pan head screw.

Caliburn™ XL Screw:  Concrete flat washer head screw.

For tech info see ICC Report ESR-3251.

The Caliburn™ line of screws, are for concrete and masonry applications and the screw can also be reinserted.  They come in 1/4 x 1”1/4 to 19/64 x 5”.  For multiple applications and to be pre-drilled with the recommended GRK™ Blitz Bit.   

MSS™ Metal Siding Screw:  Choose the MSS™ Zip-Tip for metal to wood applications or MSS™ Drill Tip for metal to metal applications.  The MSS™ features a recessed drive, powder coated heads in many colors, rubber washer, and no pre-drilling required.

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