Top Star™ Shim Screw


Door & Window Shim Screw

  • No more shimming
  • Great for fine adjustments
  • NO hassle
  • Reduces labor
  • Eliminates shimming


GRK's shim screw - the Top Star™ - substantially reduces labor for the plumb installation of window and door frames (jambs), insulation and paneling and built in wall units/cabinets. The Top Star™ is ideal for all adjustment applications. Top Star™ patented two-piece design creates a "screw within a screw". The inner screw turns independently of the outer portion of the fasteners for easy adjustment without shims! The Top Star™ will be installed with GRK's Crown Bit.


Installation of:

window and door frames (jambs)

insulation and paneling

built in wall units/cabinets

Our product is perfectly suited to meet the needs of both the professional and do-it-yourself installers. Fine adjustments are possible in both directions helping to reduce the workload and make the job easier for one person.

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