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VWS™ Vinyl Window™ Screws

Install Replacement Windows without the use of Shims

Tek Point Drill Tip with white head for metal studs
Patented Washer Head creates a tight draw
Climatek­™ Coating is AC257: code approved for use in treated lumber
Innovative Edge Design under the head to capture the vinyl strap at penetration time
W-Cut™ Thread Design tiny saw blades reduce torque by cutting through the material
Zip-Tip™ for easy starts and no pre-drilling

GRK's VWS™ Vinyl Window Screws are designed to quickly adjust windows to plumb alignments without tedious measuring. The patented Vinyl Window Screw makes setting vinyl windows as breeze.

By catching the window frame between the screw head and the screw's secondary shoulder, the window position can be quickly and easily adjusted.

Our product is perfectly suited to meet the needs of both the professionally and do-it-yourself installers. Simply pre-drill the first layer, insert screw, lock collar and adjust... it's just that easy!

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