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MSS™ Metal Siding Screws

Integrated head design with Powder Coating Finish

White Color, Low Profile Head: produces a clean, finished look which is preferred for moldings, closet organizers and metal siding.

Washer Head: increases holding power

Rubber Washer: seals drill hole from the elements

W-Cut™ Thread Design: tiny saw blades reduce torque by cutting through the material

Zip-Tip™ for easy starts and no pre-drilling

For use in interior or exterior applications including metal siding, garage door trim and even closet organizers

The MSS™* was developed and patented based on the RSS™ model. This screw has an integrated washer head and is complemented with a rubber washer below the screw head. This feature also helps protect the washer from prolonged exposure to the sun for long lasting, secure siding installations.

GRK also has an innovative "MSS Bit Holder" that is an important accessory to make your work easier.


*Product not available in Canada

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