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PHEINOX™ FIN/Trim™ 316 Stainless Steel

Marine Grade Protection for Superior Corrosion Resistance

Interior / Exterior Use
No Pre-Drilling Unless Material Requires
Fine Carpentry
Reverse Threads Under Heads

NEW! PHEINOX 316* Stainless Steel Screws for your toughest applications...
UberGrade now becomes Marine Grade!

PHEINOX stainless steel screws are made from only the best grade of stainless steel wire, 316. The unique characteristics of the PHEINOX 316 wire give our stainless steel screws unmatched performance, by maximizing both torque and increasing bending strength. GRK’s patented fastener lineup is available in a wide range of our structural, framing and interior screw varieties and are engineered to deliver exceptional and lasting performance. The New PHEINOX 316 stainless steel screws will provide the ultimate in anti-corrosion, all-weather protection everywhere and anywhere you need a fastening solution that’s impervious to the elements!

PHEINOXTM 316 stainless steel screws are recommended for applications exposed to salt water or located within 1 mile of the salt water shoreline.

*Product not available in Canada

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