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Specs - Caliburn

Concrete Flat Head Screw

  • Countersink head
  • Unique thread design
  • Climatek™ coated

Concrete Pan Head Screw

  • Unique thread design
  • Climatek™ coated
  • For electrical and plumbing applications

Concrete Flat Washer Head Screw

  • Unique thread design
  • Climatek™ coated

Not all sizes and types continue to be manufactured,
please contact us for availability.

Screw Size Embed. Depth 2000 psi Concrete Bit Size Drill Size
Tension Pullout
1/4 x 1"3/4 1"1/2 1655 1505 T25/
1/4 x 2"1/4 2" 2120 2055 T25/
19/64 x 2"3/4 2"1/2 2209 3135 T40 1/4"
19/64 x 3"1/2 3"1/4 2523 3200 T40 1/4"
19/64 x 5" 4"3/4 5724 3300 T40 1/4"


  • All values are based on close tolerance holes drilled a minimum of 1/4" deeper than embedment depth, using GRK drill bits.
  • All listed values shown at left are average pullout and shear values for GRK's Caliburn™, Caliburn™ PH and Caliburn™ XL screws. Values will vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the concrete and size of the drill hole.
  • These figures are only offered as a guide, are not guaranteed by GRK and not reduced by any safety factor.
  • For safety factor requirements in your area, contact your local building official architect or engineer. Testing was performed according to ASTM standard E-488-96. For specific calculations refer to ACI #318 Appendix D
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