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RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws

RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws

Easy to install lag alternative
  • 1 Step install, no pre-drilling
  • Superior clamping force on the first drive
  • 20% faster drive time
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R4™ Multi-Purpose Screw

R4™ Multi-Purpose Screw

Frame with ease and confidence
  • No stripping, no splitting
  • Cutting pockets allow for a clean finish
  • Great for framing decks and laying deck boards
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Fin/Trim™ Trim Head Screw

Fin/Trim™ Trim Head Screw

Smallest screw head on the market for a clean finish
  • Eliminates splitting even in close to the edge installs
  • Disappears beneath the surface of the wood
  • Ideal for installing deck rails and balusters
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GRK offers a complete line of fasteners for many different applications and a size range which cannot be matched by the combined catalogs of any two competitors. All of GRK's products are unique, featuring at least one patent. GRK always aims to improve its existing fasteners and to develop new and exciting products for professionals and handymen everywhere. GRK is a company built on innovation and quality and will continue to be guided by its commitment to invention and setting ever greater standards.

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