RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw

Easy to install lag alternative

GRK’s RSS™ Rugged Structural Screw is a structural fastener designed for ease of installation and the strongest of connections. RSS fasteners drive into most woods without the need for pre-drilling. The specially engineered design results in a low-effort  installation, especially compared to conventional lag screws. 
  • Fast Bite Tip: Provides a fast start   
  • Zip-Tip™: Eliminates pre-drilling  
  • W-Cut™: Low torque, faster drive  
  • Precision Fit*: Reduces wobble between RSS screws and GRK bits for improved productivity*  
  • Climatek™ Coating Code: Approved for use in treated lumber
  • Star Drive Recess: Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact 
*Not available in all sizes. Reference tables below.