Why GRK?

GRK Fasteners™ has a wide range of highly engineered, multi-purpose fasteners designed for quick, easy installation with a superior hold that resists breaking, stripping, & splitting wood.

If you’re looking for a premium fastener with unmatched quality & unbeatable performance, choose GRK fasteners for greatness at every turn.

Over 33 years of making the highest-quality fasteners in the industry. 

Founded in 1990, GRK Fasteners has grown into the premier manufacturer of high-quality screws for pros who expect nothing but the best. Get the full history of GRK below. 


The GRK Fasteners brand is founded with the launch of Star Drive™ self-tapping decking and wood screws.
screw top


Star Drive RSS™ Rugged Structural Screws and Star Drive R4™ Multi-purpose Framing Screws are introduced.
r4 screw RSS screw


GRK Fasteners introduces its proprietary Climatek™ coating – the first in the industry with a lifetime guarantee for corrosion resistance.
Person drilling into wood


FinTrim™ finish and RT™ Trim composite screws are introduced.
FIN/TRIM screw RT TRIM screw


GRK Fasteners is acquired by ITW.
logo for ITW logo for ITW and GRK Fasteners


GRK Fasteners add under head cutting teeth to the R4™ and RSS™ – allowing them to cut through wood and fiber, while providing flush seating for a clean finish. 
Top of screw Top of screw


GRK Fasteners White Cabinet Screws are introduced and feature a low-profile washer head with a white coating for color matching interior applications.
Top of screw Cabinet screw


GRK Fasteners add fast start and precision fit features to the R4™ and RSS™ which allows for fast, one-step installation, while reducing wobble between the screws and GRK bits. 
Screw being drilled


GRK Fasteners Deck Elite™ Screws are introduced. Designed for use in wood deck boards, it provides a quick drive and clean finish which increases productivity on the job –  and its tan color provides an ideal finish.
screw deck elite screw box