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Deck Elite Screw Applications

Deck Elite Screw

For use in deck boards, fencing, and deck rails. Deck Elite screws have a corrosion resistant coating to resist rust and keep decks looking like new.

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Can MCQ be used with any GRK screws?

Yes, GRK screws can be used in MCQ treated lumber.

What is the coating on Deck Elite?

Deck Elite screws have a corrosion resistant coating that provides a lifetime guarantee against rust and keeps decks looking like new.

The Deck Elite coating consists of a heavy zinc electroplate with an electrocoat (e-coat) polymer finish. It is designed for use in exterior decking and fencing applications with intermittent water exposure. The wood-tone finish is ideal for applications where visual aesthetics are important.

What substrates can Deck Elite be used in?

Deck Elite screws are intended for use in chemically-treated wood and are compatible with ACQ, MCQ, CA, and MCA formulations.

Does Deck Elite coating contain any heavy metals such as cadmium?

No. The Deck Elite coating does not contain cadmium, nor does it contain chromium or chromium compounds.

Do Deck Elite screws have Zip Tip™ and Fast Bite features?

Yes, all Deck Elite screws feature GRK’s Zip TipTM and Fast Bite features to eliminate pre-drilling and provide a fast start for one step installation.

Where should Deck Elite screws not be used?

Despite the strong corrosion-resistant coating of Deck Elite, the use of grade 305 stainless steel screws is recommended within 1 to 15 miles of a saltwater coast or when the application is subject to frequent high-moisture conditions such as freshwater docks and piers. Grade 316 stainless steel screws are recommended within 1 mile of a saltwater coast.

305 stainless steel screws are also recommended for use in Ipe, Woolmanized Treated Lumber, Cedar, White Oak, and any hardwood.