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Product Information

Star Drive Bit Varieties

T-10 Star Drive Bit

"Fits: - Trim™ Head #8"

T-15 Star Drive Bit

Fits: - R4™ Screw #6 & #8 - Trim™ Head #9 - Cabinet™ Screw

T-20 Star Drive Bit

Utilize for fasteners with a T-20 Star Recess

T-25 Star Drive Bit

Fits: - R4™ #9, #10, #12 - RSS™ #10 & 1/4"" - MSS™ #9

T-30 Star Drive Bit

Fits: - RSS™ 5/16"" - Caliburn™ & Caliburn PH™

T-40 Star Drive Bit

Fits: - Caliburn XL™ - RSS™ 3/8"

Top Star™ Crown/Bit

Fits: - Top Star™

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Does your Climatek coating contain any heavy metals such as Cadmium?

No, GRK's coating does not contain any heavy metals.

What does GRK mean when they state wood was tested at a specific gravity?

There is a number assigned to specific wood types. This number helps to determine the Tensile and Shear of fasteners used in these gravities.

What are Tensile and Shear values for GRK screws in OSB Plywood?

The manufacturer of the OSB would have to be contacted for the gravity/contents of the plywood in order to determine the pull out and shear.

When should I use stainless steel screws?

Use of 305 stainless steel screws are recommended for use in Ipe, Wolmanized Treated Lumber, Cedar, White Oak, and any hardwood.

Anything within 1 mile of the coast should use 316 Stainless Steel fasteners and anything within 15 miles of the coast should use 305 Stainless Steel fasteners.

Why are there different colored bits?

GRK bits are color coded for easy identification based on the size of the bit.

What is Climatek™ Coating?

The GRK Climatek coating provides superior corrosion resistance, allowing the screw to be used in both interior and exterior applications as well as pressure treated lumber.