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Top Star™ Adjustable Shim Screws

For Plumb Installation of Wooden Doors and Windows. No More Shims!

Recessed Star Drive: Zero stripping, with 6 points of contact
4-point 3/8" diameter threaded sleeve: provides a secure hold in your wooden frame
Micro-adjustments: allow for an absolutely plumb installation
Use with GRK's Top Star™ Crown and T-15 Star bit system
White Zinc Plated: finish for lasting durability
For Shim Free installation: of wooden doors, windows, insulation, paneling, built-in wall units and cabinets

GRK's adjustable Top Star™ shim screw, is in fact a screw within a screw that allows you to install wooden doors or windows without the use of shims.

The quick and easy system reduces labr and allows for hassle free adjustment to ensure plumb installation.

Our product is suited to meet the needs of both professional contractors and weekend warriors making the job easier for one person.

Fine adjustments are as simple as the turn of a screw, even after years of use and settling.

Click here to watch our installation video!

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