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Specs - R4

Multi Purpose Screw

  • Self-tapping, countersink head
  • W-Cut™ thread design, ZipTip™
  • Climatek™ coated
  • For use in wood, particle-board, cement fibreboard, plastic, sheet metal.
  • Not all sizes and types continue to be manufactured,
    please contact us for availability.
Mechanical Data Supported by ICC: ESR-3201 www.icc-es.org
R4™ Shear Test Results
Diameter Avg. Ultimate Load (lbf) Wood Failure Rate
#4 139 50%
#6 301 70%
#8 361 30%
#9 452 65%
#10 687 75%
#12 720 75%


  • Test ASTM D 1761 Lateral Resistance/Slip, Wood to Wood connection.
  • Testing stopped when screw displaced 1/8" or upon wood failure. Wood failed in majority of tests prior to screw failure. Test conducted in wood with specific gravity 0.42.
  • The above stated values are ultimate loads. For construction design purposes an applicable safety margin should be applied. An architect or engineer should be consulted for this.
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